My first blog post (for)ever

I have been thinking about starting a blog (or writing a book) forever, like literally since I’ve been aware enough to think I might have something semi-interesting to say. It was never lack of motivation or desire that kept me from starting one – but there were two good reasons.  I didn’t know how to start and I didn’t know how to keep going once I got started.

In terms of actually sitting down and “starting”, well I have about 10 false starts on different books.  Most of them semi-autobiographical and in most cases more of a way to document my life for me so that when I’m super old I have a way to easily reflect back on a life which I have enjoyed thoroughly.  But candidly I never really knew where to start and never really liked how the words came out so inevitably I would just stop, promising myself I’d get back to it eventually….in no case did I ever get back to it.  I’d make excuses for myself about how busy I was but in reality I just didn’t know what to say.

Well recently it struck me how I should start and what I can say – and I can do it under the same theme of documenting my life for me to reflect on.  I do think I have a pretty interesting story so far and so I thought I’d share it publicly.  Maybe no one will come, maybe lots of people will come and just think I’m a giant douche (I hope not) but in any case, I’m going for it.

While technically this is my first post, going forward all the posts will have the same central theme, “What I learned from XXXXX”.  My plan is to try and reflect back on all of the moments in my life that had a lasting impact on me and break them down into a list of things I learned.  It’s meant to be easy to read as much for me as anyone who stumbles on this.  In fact, my hope is this (first) post is the longest one I ever write (in prose format anyway).

So here we go….not sure it’ll always be chronological but roughly speaking this first one is from earlier in my life….I hope you enjoy….

Oh and at the end of most posts I’ll have a short poll to see what people thought of the post…here is the first.